I grew up in a place called the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. I moved to Aberdeen with my folks and went to university when I was 17 to study computing. I promptly failed the first year, then decided to re-sit it and failed it again so dropped out of uni.

I then spent about 2-3 years working in bar/retail jobs. I figured I probably should have some kind of focus in life so I thought “I want to make money, accounting has something to do with it – let’s do that!”

After failing university I decided I would go back and do an accountancy degree. I was 1 qualification short so had to do a night class for 6 months to gain the required entry.

I passed the third year of university by the skin of my teeth. I went into fourth year and then dropped out again.

I had failed university twice now.

When you leave university at the end of third year you get something called an unclassified degree, which says BA Accounting. A proper 4 year degree would say BA Accounting Hons.

I applied for a graduate accountant job and just put “BA Accounting”. They probably assumed I had a full degree as I was accepted.

I worked in various accounting firms over the next 7 years while sitting my chartered accountancy exams. I had 8 remaining to complete.

If you pass every exam first time you can complete 8 exams in two years. It took me 7 years to pass these exams when you can finish in two years.

In fact, one particular exam took me 2 ½ years to pass as I failed it 5 times in a row!

Oh, I also failed my driving test 11 times in total before I passed.

So, for someone who has such an extensive list of failing at everything – around 3 years ago I decided it would be a great idea to start my own business! Shameless plug here.

I knew it would be a massive challenge. I would need to make some changes to both myself as a person and my whole approach to things along with learning the whole new skillset which comes with managing a company.

The aim of this blog is to share what I’ve learned through research (I’ve read hundreds of books and listened to countless podcasts on various subjects) and my own personal trial and error.

I’ll also talk about my personal and professional challenges along the road to growing my company.

You might even pick up a few neat tricks along the way.

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